Responsive Web Design is a MUST for your Business

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This blog post will give you everything you need to know about responsive web design and how it will be beneficial to your business and your customers.

What is responsive web design?

If you are not familiar with the term responsive web design it means that your website will reformat automatically to fit any size screen. Your website will be user friendly for your customers on any device (desktop, smartphone or tablet). There is probably a 50/50 chance you are reading this blog right now on a mobile device. Our website has responsive web design and CM2Media can help to make your website just as user friendly. This means your customers will not have to wait extra time for the desktop version to load and will not need to zoom and pan out to find the information they are looking for.

Responsive Web Design (or RWD) works by using a combination of fluid grids, flexible images and media queries to allow a website to adapt to any size screen on any mobile or desktop device (regardless of resolution).


10 Reasons why you should be using Responsive Web Design

  1. Improves SEO: your website will only have one link which means you only need to build link authority for one web address
  2. Social Sharing: your website/blog will only have one link, which makes social sharing on social media easier than ever
  3. Save Money/ Time: you will only need to update one version of your website since it will automatically fit on any screen
  4. New Google Algorithm Update: in April of 2015 Google launched an update that boosts the ranking for mobile friendly websites on mobile search results
  5. Shorter Load Times: no more waiting for desktop versions to load, this will help prevent impatient customers from clicking away onto another website
  6. Better Customer Experience: your website will be easy to navigate and allow customers to find what they are looking for faster
  7. Happier Customers: people are expecting businesses to have fast and user friendly websites regardless of what device they are using
  8. Stay Ahead of Competitors: mobile websites are growing in popularity fast, stay ahead of the competition by using Responsive Web Design to improve your site
  9. Better Readability: people will no longer have to zoom and pan out to find information they are looking for
  10. Prioritizes user experience: Responsive Web Design helps to prioritize your customers experience and is content focused, that is why Google is prioritized businesses who use Responsive Web Design


As the popularity of mobile devices continue to grow it is more important than ever to have responsive web design for your company website. For the past three years all of our website and email templates have been done using Responsive Web Design. Here at CM2 Media we create custom web designs and maintain your website for you so it is always up to date. By doing the work for you we make life easy for our customers!

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