Results-Based Websites for Small Business

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Are your websites bringing in new business regularly?

Technically, your websites are based on only two numbers – the binary digits, one and zero. But in the real world, your small business’s website needs to generate more numbers. To reach its marketing potential, your website should increase awareness, interaction, and the sales of your products and services in a qualifiable and quantifiable manner, in a uniform and detailed fashion.

Results-based websites are ones where your structure and content lead to noticeably improved relationships with your customers and an elevated ROI (Return On Investment). When working with a Digital Marketing Agency or a Branding Agency, a results-based website also means that the goals and objectives set out for your business model can be projected and tailored until they make their intended mark and reach their intended market. With 8 new people getting online every second, 2.5 billion people using the internet, and 3 billion Google searches every second, there’s a large online market to hit, but the aim needs to be expertly targeted.

Having websites is simply not enough. Users have come to expect some semblance of professionalism and usefulness online. With nearly 140,000 websites going live each day, standing out from the crowd takes knowledge and planning.

Qualify Your Services

There are foundational website elements that will help your business turn a profit and meet basic service goals. Foremost on this list is having easily accessible contact information leading to easily accessible service. Include a phone number, email address, physical address, map of your location, and even a pic of your physical storefront. Leaving out any one of these items can close an entire avenue of accessibility carrying potential customers.

Having reliable and responsive contact with your clients goes a long way towards earning their trust. Websites can present your expertise and level of professionalism to the public in a manner that does not often happen organically in person to person interactions. Users need to know that their dealings with your business and your websites are reliable and safe. Having accessible information about your secure hosting platform and your privacy policy assures customers that their data is safe with you and that your approach attends to their concerns.

Ensure your website has a user-friendly design, with a simple layout and helpful sitemap too. Laying out a clear pathway for the public to traverse will help them move through your pages, while also helping to guide them in the directions you wish them to travel. By streamlining the amount and positioning of information on your site, less basic results-based elements like contact forms and social media buttons won’t get lost in your cyberspaces.

Quantify Your Efforts

Web Design and Digital Marketing teams offer professional knowledge and experience on how to build a pathway that brings people towards your website and engage them with what you have to offer – whether that’s products, advice, or enrollment. A website is an around the clock sales and services storefront. It is also a 24 hour marketing machine. (To learn more about setting up your website as the marketing machine that never sleeps, check out CM2’s article: Your Website as a Marketing Platform – The 24 Hour Show Home.)

Knowing how a website can function in ways that a storefront cannot is important when harnessing the maximum effectiveness of your site. Having a FAQ page, for instance, adds credibility to your services because you are sharing an established history of service and you are anticipating the questions and needs of your clientele. Being able to show clients this detailed level of expertise and experience online in a manner they can explore at their leisure (and to their satisfaction) is more impactful than simply saying these things to them when they enter your storefront. 88% of online shoppers are influenced by the reviews they read online. Showcasing customer testimonials on your website is going to resonate with a potential client more than if you were just to relay that information to a walk-in, second-hand, out of the blue.

Uniformity & Specificity

The content on your websites should have the uniform objective of perpetuating more business for your company. Agencies refer to this as moving interactions further down the marketing funnel – from awareness, to interest, to desire, to action, to retention. (Get up to speed on the marketing funnel, here.) In addition to the objective, you need to ensure your marketing campaign and website design has a uniform presentation with a focus on the details. Your brand should appear on all marketing materials and in all of your business spaces, including all the pages of your website. If you have standard colours, those colours should be carried through your campaigns. In this way, the different avenues your business uses to reach its marketing goals will be cohesive to the general public and will produce a greater, more memorable impact with potential customers.

With uniformity and specificity in mind, a Digital Marketing Agency will match the elements on your websites to the services that your business offers. For example, if you sell insurance, you’re not likely to set up a price list online due to the number of variables that factor into your costs. But, offering an online form for estimates is a suitable and engaging alternative that results in transitioning potential clients to established customers.

For even greater results, your website needs to highlight these calls to action. Guiding clients to action-based functions is an integral part of moving prospects further down the marketing funnel. You can offer all of the best information and services, but if a client does not know how to act in order to move forward with their interaction, they are likely to move onto a business that presents steps in a more determinant fashion. As such, the calls to action on your website need to be clear, concise, and visible. Whether they take the shape of free quotes, sign up forms, click-to-call buttons, or the implementation of shopping cart histories, depends on your industry and your target demographic.

Count on Accountability

Some of this knowledge may seem intuitive, but taking your website from qualifiable to quantifiable often requires the inside knowledge and reporting tools of a professional. It is efficient and effective to bring in the services of a Digital Marketing Agency like CM2 Media to build a website that improves your client relations, increases your business, and draws attention to your services among a sea of competitors. Web design and marketing agencies will continually run reports on the interactions with your site to make sure they are optimizing their approach and your results. Last year, content marketing generated 3 times the leads in companies that adopted the practice.

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