My Social Media Experience – The Rotary Club Tree Planting Challenge

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During the months of April and March, I worked with Cm2 Media in laying out the social media campaign for the Rotary Club of Burlington North’s Tree Planting Challenge. My task was to create and share content relating to the Rotary Club and what their mission was for this legendary event. As a new employee of Cm2 media, I was a little unsure on how I would begin this new project. Fortunately, the project would prove to be a success, and I got to learn about the internal workings of a big event and the ways of marketing it to their community and audience.

Throughout the weeks leading up to the Tree Planting Challenge in Burlington, I scheduled fun and informative posts on the Rotary Club of Burlington North’s Facebook page. The goal of the challenge, originally sought out by Rotary International President, Ian H.S. Riseley, was to plant 128 trees, 113 seedlings and 15 x 15-gallon Red Oak trees on Earth Day 2018. The posts were targeted towards their Rotary members, (also known as Rotarians) and included information on how guests can get involved in this new and exciting challenge. I saw a lot of interest in community members through Facebook shares, likes, and video player views.

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On April 22nd – the big day – the event began at noon. The day turned out to be very sunny and warm – a perfect day to be outside. Many community members and their family and friends were already present and ready to take on the challenge by 11:45 A.M. I witnessed countless members of the community, Rotarians or not, help out with the event. Some members handed out t-shirts and cups of coffee to their guests, and others were busy happily introducing themselves new community members. At noon, Rotarians and their guests quickly gathered around to watch a demonstration on how to correctly plant their seedlings and small red oak trees. It took virtually no time for the participants to gather their shovels and gloves, and they quickly ran to their spots and started planting.

I walked around with our freelance photographer, Joshua Sumi, and I saw our community members and Rotarians smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Because of our positive team effort and dedication to the challenge, the planting of the trees and seedlings only took around 30 minutes to complete! Every single participant was proud of what they had accomplished, and there were talks of when the next Rotary Club event would take place.

Overall, planning the social media campaign for the Rotary Club of Burlington North’s Tree Planting Challenge was a great learning opportunity for me. As a new member of Cm2 Media, I am so happy I got the opportunity to work with such a charitable community event. I was able to use my own creative outlets in the marketing process, and I got to learn more about how local events are organized and planned out. After completing this event, I’m very excited to work alongside Cm2 Media in the marketing of future community events and fundraisers.

Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

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