Search Engine Optimization Selecting a Strategy: Improve Your Business Ranking

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Search Engine Optimization is an ever-evolving industry.

Staying on top and staying relevant is a full-time commitment for a business. But If your focus is put towards running your business and not optimizing your website, SEO can be as much a hindrance as it can be an advantage.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), traditionally speaking, is the process by which businesses can optimize their online searchability and presence. A strong SEO strategy will place your business higher in search result and will establish your company as an authority in its field.

Ensuring a website is built to be easily processed by search engine algorithms gets traffic moving in the right direction (your business’s direction) with more frequency. Making SEOs work for your company means tightening up the information on and appearance of your website.

Some basic steps towards establishing an SEO-friendly website include:

  • Adding concise, forthright content to landing pages
  • Regularly updating blogs and service information
  • Staying active on social media
  • Incorporating outside links to popular, well-established sites
    Ensuring these elements are monitored and up-to-date will go a long way towards keeping your business relevant and prevalent to search engines. As your business moves up the rankings more traffic will be directed to your website. As more traffic is directed to your website, your ranking will continue to move up because the search engines will recognize your company as a proven, established answer to industry queries. Search engines will recognize your company as an authority in its field.

    LocalSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Local SEO utilizes generalSearch Engine Optimization techniques, but focuses more on establishing a presence in online communities for your company’s physical presence in the real world.

    For example, your company will rank higher in third party search engines if you create a company profile with these third parties. Popular sites to set up pages with are the likes of:

  • Google+
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
    If a potential client searches for businesses like yours on Google, the search engine will prioritize companies that also have a Google+ profile. The more third parties that give your website a high ranking, the more credibility your site will earn. The results work exponentially from there.

    Credibility is an important factor when working with Local SEOs. Sites that prove to be credible and consistent with vital information across all online profiles manage a higher ranking.

    It’s necessary to ensure these statistics are up-to-date and uniform among all third party sites:

  • contacts and phone numbers
  • maps and addresses
  • offers, slogans, guarantees
    Optimizing LocalSearch Engine Optimization means networking with other relevant local sites, as opposed to generally popular ones. It creates a network of businesses that occupy similar physical space (same town) in order to increase traffic to actual store locations within an entire community.

    Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing

    Combining an SEO platform with Content Marketing, is like having two hands to pull yourself up the rankings ladder instead of just one. Complying with technical requirements whilst producing relevant and unique content, establishes your site’s credibility to search engines and viewership simultaneously.

    Focusing on creative, useful content is how your business will get ahead of its competitors. Marketing agencies utilize tools and reports that highlight online trends in order to capitalize on their popularity by associating those trends with your site. Phraseology, graphing, and quality over quantity all factor into making your website’s content a success.

    Here are few ways in which Content Marketing will help establish your website as an authority:

  • Creating a helpful FAQ page
  • Cross linking and associating with industry blogs for guest posts
  • Writing content based on upward trending keywords
    Deciding whether to focus on SEO, Local SEO, or Content Marketing is a matter to discuss with a digital marketing agency. Cm2 Media understands the technical and creative elements involved in getting your business ahead. We have the time and the ability to incorporate all these SEO strategies simultaneously in order to optimize your search engine optimization.

    Building a competitive and relevant website, and maintaining that site as an authority in its field as a full time job. Let Cm2 Media handle this aspect of your company, so you can keep your focus on your business. Contact Us TODAY!


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