SEO: Building a Pathway to Your Business

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a slightly mysterious, ever-morphing puzzle. It requires a great deal of time and knowledge to manipulate, but the payouts can come, quite literally, in payouts!

Deciding whether or not Search Engine Optimization marketing is right for your company, is something we at CM2 Media are happy to help you figure out.

If you’re a layman in the world of digital marketing, here’s the byte-size rundown on SEOs. Search Engines determine results by ever progressing algorithms. These formulas assess a number of factors to rank which websites best suit any given query. Some of these factors include:

  • keywords
  • trending topics
  • networking with other established sites
  • unique content
  • information dense content
  • consistency and organic growth

Manipulating SEO algorithms to work in your company’s favour is a full-time gig. For as many benefits as a strong SEO marketing platform can provide your company, there are equally detrimental consequences to an inconsistent Search Engine Optimization approach.

SEO is the process by which a website improves its search engine rankings.

Companies can benefit from a single-focus, technical SEO approach; utilizing a combination of SEO types, or by incorporating SEO & Content Marketing into the same action plan.

If your company is looking to increase their presence and searchability online, here are a few basic pros and cons for investing in SEO Marketing::

Pros of SEO

  • A Path to Your Front Door: Using SEO marketing properly will build a path from searches relating to your industry right to your website. By working with search algorithms, you can tap into the trillions of info requests made online each year. An entire population of people who would not have otherwise found your business.
  • The Right Answers to the Right Questions: The pathway that an Search Engine Optimization will help build towards your website, brings with it an audience specifically requesting for services related to your company. This funnels a higher amount of traffic towards your company website then the average window shopping experience, increasing the chances of converting those viewers into clients.
  • Become an Authority: Once an SEO has established a pathway to your company’s website, the increased traffic will help transition that pathway into a paved road. The more your company moves up the rankings, the more your website is clicked on as the answer to a query, the more your business establishes itself as an authority in its field.

Cons of SEO

  • Upping Your Cell Phone Game: In the age of the smartphone, putting resources (money and time) into improving mobile optimization of your website is mandatory in order to be competitive in the world of Search Engine Optimization algorithms.
  • Staying on Top & on Time: Because SEOs are constantly evolving, companies that are not constantly monitoring algorithm changes and making timely updates to adhere to new factors of assessment can suffer penalties in their rankings
  • Crossing Every T & Dotting Every I: Websites must be constantly monitored for page load times, pop ups, and unsupported content, all of which will negatively impact your rankings in a hurry if you fall behind

Want some facts, figures and visuals to help decide if SEO is right for your business?

Check out this awesome infographic from the crew over at Business 2 Community:

Search Engine Optimization is not a risky venture if you let the pros help your company find the pros in SEO. CM2 Media will take you through the various types of SEO and compatible marketing techniques to find the right fit for your business plan. We have all the tools you need to build a path to your front door, and all of the skills to pave that path into a heavily travelled service station along the information highway.

If you have any questions, or you would be interested in how we can help you with your Search Engine Optimization, fill out the contact form below and a representative will get back to you shortly:

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