Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With more consumers researching and shopping online, placement of advertising within Search has become a top marketing priority for businesses.

Search Engine Marketing (often referred to as SEM) is the fastest way to getting your products or services noticed online. Our team ensures we represent your business properly when it comes to digital advertising. Whether you have a larger budget to push out over the course of a year, or a one-off campaign, it is up to us to deliver search engine marketing success for you. Through training and ongoing research our team is prepared to maximize your advertising spend on Google AdWords and social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Google AdWords​

Often the fastest way to get noticed is through Google AdWords search engine advertising. AdWords is a great tool for driving leads from people actively searching for a product or service online. In addition, AdWords allows for real time monitoring of results allowing for optimizing in real time.

We set up campaigns that offer insights into your customers and turn impressions into conversions, using hyper-local targeting and re-marketing.

Facebook Ads​

Our team has been delivering successful Facebook ad campaigns since the inception of the program. Let us help define how your product or service can be successful by staying "top of mind" with your potential customers in the busiest of the social media channels.

Instagram Ads​

Businesses perform really well when our team takes on managing their Instagram advertising. If Instagram is the right fit for your business, we will help target your customers and acquire them. Our team will work with you to define your message and visuals that tell your brand's story, delivering on your business goals.

LinkedIn Ads​

The Business-to-Business advertising space can be expensive and very competitive. LinkedIn is unlike other social media platforms in terms of what kinds of campaigns are successful. Let us assist you with your B2B advertising efforts with crafted campaigns specifically for the LinkedIn audience, and grow your bottom line.

Tracking and Performance​

All of our SEM campaigns come with complete tracking of how your ads are performing. Our team constantly monitors performance, costs and click rates to ensure you're getting maximum value out of your marketing budget. We offer complete transparency to the tools we utilize so that you know how your budget is used.