Social Media Content Strategy: Creation, Curation, Circulation

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Social Media Content Marketing is the top tool for getting your business name out there.

How you capitalize on your audience is the trick. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of the other platforms out there, you need to understand what people want, and how to engage them.
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The body of your Social Media Content Marketing strategy, should be built on these objectives:

  • Stay Relevant
  • Stay Engaged
  • Grow Your Following
  • Grow Your Business
  • The content of your Social Media Content Marketing strategy, should be build on… building content!

  • Create
  • Curate
  • Circulate
    The point of social media is to engage with others. The natural extension being: the point of social media marketing is to engage with your customers. Bottom line: be social with your customers.

    In order to stay relevant in the ever growing, ever posting world of the internet, your company also has get noticed by continually growing and continually posting. And if your aim is to continue climbing up the search rankings to establish your business as an authority in its field, your presence online has to be compelling. According to NewsCred, “Interesting content” is one of the top reasons why people follow brands on social media.

    But where do you start? How do keep your clientele interested? In general, focusing on the 3 Cs of Social Media Content: Creation, Curation, & Circulation will get some momentum behind your company’s campaign and help you keep it.

    1. Content Creation

    The more you can offer your customers, the more often they will visit your company. By continually producing new and useful information, through a number of platforms – articles, images, video – current customers will have a reason to return and potential customers will be given more opportunity to find you.

    By keeping the attention on your business with quality-rich postings, your business will establish itself as an authority in its field and maintain its relevancy. The more new, captivating information you publish online, the more often your content is likely to get picked up by other users and shared with wider audiences through the Curation process.

    2. Content Curation

    Curating content is the practice of gathering, sorting, and repurposing the most pertinent information from a variety of sources and sharing it with your audience. It involves content that already exists, as opposed to the creation of brand new material. The idea is to make your business a one stop shop for specialized information, industry-related information, and any other information you can offer your clientele to improve their quality of life. When your customer is looking for information, you want them to think of you first.

    Dedicating some of your webspace to quality pieces posted by other Industry-related, established entities online, is a proven means of garnering more traffic. Curating content also builds networking (Business to Business – B2B) relationships that can pay dividends through reciprocal sharing and complimentary advertising between websites.

    Additionally, this community building approach shows a confidence in your own brand, a knowledge of the industry, and a congeniality and willingness to see others around you succeed. Customers respond positively to positive actions and positive advertising.

    3. Content Circulation

    Once you have created and curated, the next step is getting your content out there. Distributing, promoting, networking. This is where the web of social connectivity pays in dividends. Learning the media and marketing tools each platform provides is necessary to ensure your messages are being posted in the most effective means possible.

    There is a technical element to amplification that any good agency can walk you through. To be successful at amplifying your message, you need an action plan based on your company’s marketing goals. Targeting demographics, building online partnerships, and focusing on SEO friendly content are just a few of the factors that can amplify your online content and increase traffic to your social media and website.


    The point of Social Media is to be social. So the point of Social Media Marketing is to interact and engage with your network. Like in business, your success on Social Media platforms will depend on the quality of your content and your ability to build relationships. Managing these types of interactions with a client that calls or walks through your front door is your job as a professional business. It’s much more of a time investment to manage the number of potential relationships that exist with an online audience, so it’s best to enlist a dedicated agency to cover all your bases, but the payouts too are exponential.

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