Social Terms: How They Have Changed

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It seems as if social media is changing our world every day, if not every hour. The invention of new platforms spurs new marketing concepts and has changed our every day language to refer to online activity. We take a look at some common terms that have changed over the years:

Social Calendar

Old School: Your social calendar was the activities that you had planned for the day, week, month and year. It involved leaving the house to socialize with like-minded people.
New School: The timelines for your online postings. A social calendar helps keep your online presence organized. It doesn’t involve anyone leaving the house.


Old School: The hashtag was a simple number sign, i.e. #9, before introduced in Twitter as a way to tag items.
New School: The hashtag is a symbol used to identify or tag topics of interest online. First introduced on Twitter and now used across all social media platforms. Has also become a popular term in every day speech. Added to the dictionary in 2014.


Old School: The name of a search engine introduced in 1998.
New School: Now a verb, an action meaning to find information about someone or something. For exampled, I googled how to make macaroni and cheese this weekend.


Old School: A can of meat made mainly of ham. Often used in casseroles and popularized during World War II.
New School: Unwanted information distributed through the Internet. New School Spam has absolutely nothing to do with ham.

Lead Generation:

Old School: Meeting up with clients on a golf course, door-to-door sales or cold calling.
New School: Referring to the creation of interest or inquiry into a product or services provided by a business that conducts online marketing initiatives. Leads can be created for many purposes, including list building or to help complete a sale of said product or service.


Old School: Two physical entities coming together, for example, connect those two wires to hotwire the car. Or, a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.
New School: Online, connections are rarely physical, but rather a connection is a reference to who you follow or who is following you on a social media platform. For example, I have 100 1st-degree connections on Linked In and 5,255 2nd-degree connections.


Old School: The coming together of two persons who are agreed in marriage. For example, the engagement of Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth is back on again, much to everyone’s surprise.
New School: The way in which people relate and interact with your social media accounts. Your engagement on that last Facebook post was unusually high… you had 6K likes, 251 shares and more than 3K comments.

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