Video Marketing: Trending Towards Success

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Video Marketing: 10 seconds of attention

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. With the infinite amount of information at our finger tips, video content has become an increasingly popular platform for delivering a concise, relevant message to your viewers. Audiences have less time and less of an attention span, so quick, interactive messages are taking the place of the more one-dimensional, more time consuming forms of marketing generally involving text.
An overabundance of text can be overwhelming to consumers, so video has taken the old adage, “Show, don’t tell” to a whole new level of effective marketing.

Trending Towards Human Interaction

$600 billion was spent globally on video advertising in 2015. Video Marketing is visually pleasing, entertaining, and densely populated with information and emotion. The intention of your business’s message is more apparent when audiences can see facial expressions or hear tone of voice. This type of visual and audible medium delivers its message with impact and confidence. It is digital marketing’s way of augmenting reality to tap into the benefits of human interaction.

Trending Towards Better Analytics

Advancements in digital marketing analytics means that “view count” is no longer the only marker of success for video. More useful in developing an effective strategy is an agencies ability to track:
who is watching the video
duration for which people watch the video
drop-off rates of audience engagement
how the video is contributing to traffic generation and sales

Trending Towards Higher Conversion

Over 70% of Digital Marketing Agencies report that video has a higher sales conversion than any other medium. By hosting the video on your website in addition to distributing it to the right combination of external sites, your business’s video can reach its highest potential Return on Investment (ROI). Marketing Professionals will know which platforms to utilize for videos in your company’s strategy, based on your target demographics and business objectives. In addition, a Digital Marketing Agency will help develop a polished and professional looking product by managing the project from inception to completion, including:

  • idea
  • script
  • staffing
  • production
  • filming
  • editing
  • Trending Types of Video Marketing

    When developing a Video for your marketing campaign, having professionals on hand will assist in creating a quality product to reflect your company. In addition, a Digital Marketing Agency will know which type of video production will best meet your objectives.

    Micro-videos (10 seconds) are trending upwards, assisted by the automatic play function in newsfeeds on platforms like Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Instagram. Real-time video sharing is also on the rise, leading to the spreading your message through clicks, links, shares, reposts, and likes, covering more ground, more quickly than a clip posted on just a single site.

    Tutorials on your business website or on YouTube are a great way of gaining and retaining your customer base. Creating information-rich content through multiple mediums, including video, will also improve your presence and searchability. How-to videos do not have to give away trade secrets, they only need to establish your brand as an authority in its field.

    All videos, not just Tutorials have the potential to become a Series. Series videos increase the likelihood of picking up new viewers with each subsequent post who may wish to go back and review all previous or stay tuned for all future posts in the series.

    Trending Towards Pro Video Content

    At Cm2 Media, we believe aligning ourselves with an accomplished and renowned videographer is a key component to your video marketing successes. That is why we partner with Pro Video Content, a company owned and operated by Cindy Burgess, a renowned Multimedia Journalist. Cindy has 20+ years experience and has an eye to spot what’s interesting and relevant to a given audience in a sea of information.

    Pro Video Content specializes in a wide range of promotional and marketing videos, including:

  • business/employee profiles
  • success stories
  • customer testimonials
  • behind the scenes videos
  • in-store, lobby and waiting room videos
  • demos and how-tos
  • event coverage
  • As Cindy states on her Pro Video Content website, our objective is to “Give customers a sneak peek inside your business. Put a face on your services. Share the qualities that set you apart. Communicate the essence of your brand naturally, personally, authentically. Video does all this and more!”

    If you are interested in how can help with your video marketing, contact us today!

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