5 Key ways to make your website better than your competitors

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Make Your Website Better

Your website is your storefront, your brand and the key landing spot for your customers. Making your website stand out is vital to the success of your business. Being better and different from your competitors will give you that edge.

What makes a website stand out?

How can you be better than your competitors?

Here is a shortlist of easy ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors in order to close more deals and make more sales from your website:

Go with a Custom Web Design to Make Your Website Better

Getting a custom design on your website is the easiest way to look different. Templates are often slow to load and look just like everything else out there. Why not go custom? If your site has a look and feel that is on point with your brand and doesn’t imitate anything else out there, you are sure to have a user more likely to be interested. Think of a storefront… if it looks like any other store you have been in, are you interested?

Stores that spend more on their interior design convert more into sales, and customers come back for a great brand experience. The same applies to your website. The more unique your website looks and feels, the more likely you are to have returning customers.

Rogue Bar Website Design

Use Custom Photography to Make Your Website Better

Photography that shows your personality and your brand is sure to get more attention than stock photos that have been seen all over the web. Spending the time and money to coordinate a photoshoot may seem like a large undertaking… and it is… but as a business owner, are you in this for shortcuts, or do you want to get people attracted to your business? Spending your money in the right places matters when building your business. Custom photography is one spot we highly recommend.

Ak PHoto Website Photography

Add Your Own Videos to Make Your Website Better

Videos are one of the best ways to tell a story when done well. An “About Us” video or something that introduces your key products will make your website that much more engaging. People love short videos that help them understand what you do or how your products work. Spending a little time and effort on creating professional and informative videos will increase sales dramatically and help make your website better.

See example videos we have done for clients:

Tell a Great Story About Your Business on Your Website

The written words on your website matter for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for your customers. Help them understand what makes you great right away. Custom written content on a website sets you apart from many businesses that choose to write their own content. Professionally written content has a path that is clearly laid out.

When visiting a website with custom content, you will notice it takes you from one place to the next in a natural order that keeps you engaged and makes you more likely to become a customer.

See these examples of custom website content we have provided for our clients:

CM2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville


Be On-Trend with Mobile Layouts

80-85% of users are visiting websites on a mobile device. Make sure your website has a layout that works well on mobile and gets users where you need them to, and fast! Simply having a responsive website that shows the same content and images in a stacked layout is often not enough to ensure a great User Experience on a mobile device.

Shut off items that are less important for mobile devices or ones that take up too much space. Users will not scroll endlessly. Make sure you are getting them to where they want to go quickly and easily in order to make your website better.

See these examples of great mobile website layouts we have done.

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